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TERMS AND CONDITION - the document together with any annexes which expressly refer to it.

PORTAL - advertising service "GOTOA Airport Run" located at the internet .

PASSENGER - a natural or legal person who advertises on the Portal and uses the transport services offered by the Drivers.

DRIVER - a natural or legal person who offers transport services to Passengers and who is in possession of the relevant insurance and licences authorising him/her to accept and perform taxi services, such as: operator's licence, driver's licence and vehicle licence.

USER - a natural or legal person using the Portal. The User is both a Passenger and a Driver.



  1. The regulations apply to the use of the "GOTOA Airport Run" advertising service.
  2. Each User who uses the Portal thereby declares that he or she has read these Terms and Conditions and accepts their provisions.
  3. The advertising service "GOTOA Airport Run" has an informative and promotional character. This means that apart from placing an advertisement on the website and providing contact details to interested Users, the Portal does not participate in further activities between Passengers and Drivers.
  4. The "GOTOA Airport Run" service makes every effort to ensure that only licensed Drivers are registered on the Portal, which reinforces the safety and quality of their services. Drivers cannot log on to the Portal without first being verified.
  5. Service "GOTOA Airport Run" is not responsible for any transaction between Passengers and Drivers.
  6. Any claims between Passengers and Drivers are a separate matter and the Portal is not involved in disputes between them.
  7. The "GOTOA Airport Run" service does not accept any responsibility for:
    1. The quality and safety of the transport services offered under the advert.
    2. The transport quotation offered by users.
    3. The truthfulness and accuracy of the ad descriptions.
    4. The solvency of passengers seeking transport deals.
  8. The service "GOTOA Airport Run" reserves the right to suspend, block, or delete an ad, or a User’s account, without giving any reason. In particular, this may happen when:
  9. The user violates any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
  10. The User's actions will be deemed detrimental to the Portal.
  11. The user adds spam.
  12. The user advertises competing advertising services.
  13. The user uses words commonly regarded as vulgar.



  1. The user of the service undertakes to comply with these terms and conditions.
  2. The service user undertakes to provide truthful contact details used in the advertisement.
  3. In the event of blocking, deletion of an ad or account, the user is deprived of all claims resulting from the aforementioned actions.
  4. The user undertakes to place only advertisements whose content may comply with the law and the principles of social co-existence.
  5. Activities that may hinder or destabilise the operation of the Portal are unacceptable. In the event that a User is found to be committing such actions, their account will be immediately blocked. In such a situation, the Portal will also take any legal action related to the compensation of the damage suffered.
  6. The User shall take care that their offers are not placed recklessly, mistakenly or without having read and understood the rules of the Portal. The User further undertakes to place their offers in accordance with these rules and the law.
  7. The advertisement service "GOTOA Airport Run" processes User's data, including IP number, to the extent and under the terms of the applicable legislation. By adding an announcement, the User agrees to provide the Portal with his/her e-mail address, and data enabling his/her identification (personal data, telephone, IP, host, cookie).
  8. Registration in the "GOTOA Airport Run" service is completely free of charge and is tantamount to the statement I agree to the processing and use of my personal data - entered in the forms available on the website and placing them in the Portal's database.
  9. The contact details of Users on the Portal are not available. They can be seen after subscription by other Users who are interested in advertising.
  10. Purchasing a subscription only allows you to receive the contact details of the User who has made a transport offer on the Portal. Please note that taking out a subscription does not mean booking transport. To book transport, you must contact the User placing the ad and agree further details with them.



  1. In order to improve the search for offers, the "GOTOA Airport Run" service allows you to browse advertisements and log in to the Portal either as a PASSENGER or as a DRIVER.
  2. Only logged-in users can subscribe and thus respond to the ad of interest.



 The Portal may only be used by verified Drivers, i.e. those who are duly authorised to provide taxi services. In order to be verified, Drivers provide the Portal with the insurance they hold and valid licences: Operator, Driver and Vehicle. Only then do they have access to log on to the Portal.



  1. In line with the purpose of the 'GOTOA Airport Run' service, adverts can only be for transport services. The main intention of the service is to find transport "from" or "to" UK airports, which is visible in the search engine. Offering other transports is available, but the User must expect difficulties in finding his/her ad.
  2. Posting of advertisements on the website is free of charge. It is possible to add a featured ad. The cost of such an ad is set and available when adding the ad.
  3. Users are prohibited from posting advertisements which:
    1. The content of this announcement does not apply to taxi services.
    2. The content is incompatible with legal and ethical norms and the UK's rules of comity.
    3. The content induces the recipient to use/buy/trade items/services prohibited by law.
    4. The content violates the principles of aesthetics and good taste (this also applies to the names used in e-mail addresses, website names, as well as photos attached to advertisements).
    5. The content is incompatible with generally applicable legislation.
    6. The content insults and comments on services, companies or individuals.
    7. The content advertises other competitor sites, adverts or sites selling taxi services.
    8. The content offers sponsorship, paid sexual services.
    9. The content of the ad contains strings of repeated characters and numbers.
  4. In the case of breaking at least one of the above-mentioned points of the regulations, the service "GOTOA Airport Run" reserves the right to block the User's account as well as added advertisements. In the case of blocking paid advertisements, the User waives any claims on account of the payment made.
  5. In a situation where an announcement breaks the regulations, it is blocked. If advertisements violating the regulations continue to be added to an account - the Portal has the right to block a given account without notifying the user.



  1. The service "GOTOA Airport Run" reserves the right to change the content of these Regulations. If any changes are made to the Regulations, the Portal will immediately inform the Users by publishing the unified text of the Regulations on the website.
  2. The Rules of Procedure shall enter into force on the day they are published on the "GOTOA Airport Run" website.



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